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The Cambridge Mouth Pelham is a traditional, low-ported pelham which allows a little more room for the horse's tongue than a standard mullen mouth.

The cambridge mouthpiece is an extremely mild bit and is a brilliant alternative to a thicker mullen mouth bit, as the small port and slim mouthpiece allows more room for the tongue. Its main action is on the tongue and the corners of the mouth - it is unlikely that this bit will have much pressure on the bars of the mouth, however this is dependant on the individual size of the horse's tongue.

The tightness of the curb chain has a direct affect on how much pressure is applied to the curb - the looser the curb chain, the less pressure that is applied to the curb.

This bit is designed to be used with two reins - one rein on the 'snaffle' or 'bradoon' ring, and another rein on the 'curb' ring. The pelham is very popular in the showring for children's ponies, as it teaches the children to ride with two reins without having to use a double bridle. It is also widely used in eventing and showjumping as an alternative to a gag bit.

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